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Rodgers is suddenly most experienced Packer

“So little stuff like that, thats my mindset. I want to play against the best and it was an opportunity to play against Aaron Rodgers two times a year. That was kind of unique and something I really liked, but thats just the kind of person I am. Thats just me. After meeting with Leslie Frazier, Bishop believed the Vikings were a good fit. And repeating what he said the day of his release in Green Bay, Bishop pointed to his crowded position and the fact that his torn hamstring tendon is rare. The Packers, he explains, chose to be cautious. It was really just a numbers game, I suppose,” he said. “Its a lot of uncertainty with me coming back off this injury and the two guys who played, A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones, did a really good job last year.

Theres jokes every now and then, but Im trying to be the same person in the locker room that I was when I was a backup and working on the scout team. It gives you an extra responsibility that you take care of the people that are important to you and realize that you have an opportunity to make an even bigger difference in your community and in your world. Rodgers isnt worried about having to live up to the contract and he shouldnt. The Packers paid him for future performance but they did so using a strong body of work to make a judgment. You know, Ive felt like Ive had to justify myself every year, so this is nothing different, he said. I wouldnt look at it as a burden. When they drafted me, I wanted to prove I was worthy of being a first-round draft pick. When they named me the starter, I felt like I had to prove that I was worthy of being a starter. When we went 6-10 the first year, I felt like I had to prove that I belonged in this league and we could get to the playoffs. When we didnt win in the playoffs (in 2009), I had to prove that I could help this team win a playoff game. When we won a Super Bowl, I had to prove that it wasnt a fluke, that we could have another good season.

Aaron Rodgers Talks New Contract: ‘I’ve Felt Like I’ve Had To Justify Myself Every Year’

Via NFL Draft Zone | 1 day ago Why, I mean WHY is nobody talking about Jeremy Butler from Tennessee-Martin? People are talking about OVC wide outs Eric Lora and Walter Powell but are sleeping on this 63 wide out that tore up the NCAA last year. He will have Brett Favres nephew Dylan throwing him the ball this year, expect huge things from my UTM stud. Qua Cox from Jackson State is something else. He is… Via Purple Jesus Diaries | 1 day ago When this crappy blog first started, one of the awesome guys we always got to write about was Visanthe Shiancoe. There was something about his shirtless smiles that always brought us in, but also his dreamy eyes, dog barking GIFs, and so much more. We use to profile as him and do movie reviews during the off-season, because it’s the off-season. Like many of our favorite former… Via Kissing Suzy Kolber | 2 days ago A second possible suspect was arrested in the Odin Lloyd murder investigation. It continues to come as a shock to Jeremy Schaap that Aaron Rodgers isnt a person of interest.

Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, and PR

But Rodgers is no different than he was a year ago when he was No. 1. He still provides the best combination of athleticism, experience, arm strength, smarts and “Did you see that throw?” moments of any quarterback in the league. He creates the most problems for defensive coordinators. Adrian Peterson and J.J. Watt have better cases as the best players of last season. Brady and Manning have the edge when it comes to all-timer status. But for 2013, there’s no way I’d pick against Aaron Rodgers in his prime. Now 29 years old with a new contract and five full seasons as a starter under his belt, Rodgers is hitting that sweet spot of a quarterback’s career where his physical skills and mental mastery perfectly align.

Aaron Rodgers of Packers too low on NFL ‘Top 100 List’

Those three playmakers are ready to break out even more in the coming season. “I believe we have three 1,000-yard receivers in this (locker) room,” Jones added. “I believe me, Randall and Jordy, if we all stay healthy, we can all reach over 1,000. It’s exciting.” … All-Pro outside linebacker Clay Matthews is enthused for the season ahead. Not only did Matthews, like Rodgers, cash in with a big contract extension in the offseason, but the fearsome pass rusher (16 sacks in 2012) has some help in getting after the quarterback. Versatile defensive end Datone Jones was the team’s first-round draft pick this year, and his arrival prompted the coaches to give end Mike Neal a long look as a stand-up linebacker opposite Matthews during the offseason workouts. Weaknesses: While Datone Jones figures to give a lift to a pass rush that has been almost exclusively Matthews’ domain the last couple seasons, the powerful and quick rookie could be of greater help to the defense as a run stopper. Green Bay was exploited on the ground to virtually no end late in the season by Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson and then 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who ran for a playoff-record 181 yards and two touchdowns in the Packers’ season-ending game.


Packers great Dave Robinson blames coaches for head-hunting

Nose tackle Jordan Miller took circuitous route to Packers

“You’ve got to start with Pop Warner League football and teach these kids how to tackle correctly,” Clay Matthews Authentic Jersey he said. “Put the helmet on the ball, not helmet-to-helmet. Helmet on the ball. Usually the ball is carried around the waist, so helmet on the ball, your shoulder into his midsection and take the guy down.” Although he is generally disappointed by the tackling techniques of most current players, the three-time NFL champion points to a clean hit by Packers linebacker Clay Matthews in 2011 to changing the tide of Super Bowl XLV. With the Pittsburgh Steelers trailing by four points and driving in the fourth quarter, Matthews forced Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall to fumble in Green Bay territory. Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers then threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Greg Jennings to clinch the title. “He went in and his helmet was on the ball and the ball popped out and that won the game for us,” Robinson said. “If he had gone helmet to helmet, (Mendenhall) may have held onto the ball and we may have lost the game. You’ve got to tackle correctly, and that was a perfect tackle by Clay Matthews.” Because he believes something needs to be done to change players’ tackling techniques, the three-time Pro Bowler applauds Goodell’s efforts to limit helmet-to-helmet hits with fines and a rule change.

Packers Fans Would Be Wise to Keep the Faith in Jermichael Finley

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The only problem? Finley only caught two touchdown passes. However, if you look back on his last three full seasons for the Packers (throwing out the 2010 season when he had a knee injury), Finley has caught an average of 57 passes for 703 yards and five touchdowns per season. Going into the 2012 season, Pro Football Focus had Finley tied for sixth among tight ends in the NFL in drops over a three-year period. Finley didn’t help himself in that category through much of the 2012 season. Finley also coughed up the ball on a fumble last season, although that was only the second lost fumble of his career. But something changed for Finley once the rumors of him potentially being cast adrift by the Packers started circulating. Finley became a very dependable target for quarterback Aaron Rodgers . Remember, Finley is still just 26 years old, but even at that young age, Finley has already played five seasons in the NFL. When it came time for the Packers to make a decision on Finley this offseason, the Packers not only kept No. 88, but didn’t change his contract status.


The Green Bay Packers face the Chicago Bears at Solider Field in Chicago IL Sunday September 25, 2011. Photo by Tom Lynn/TLYNN@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM Image by Tom Lynn GREENBAY – It’s rare to find a succession of quarterbacks in any NFL franchise where both share championship success. It’s even more rare to see two quarterbacks share a span of two decades dominating the league. However, two Packers’ shared run of quarterback excellence holds at least one all-time record. Brett Favre (1992-2007)and Aaron Rodgers (2008-present)are the only quarterbacks in NFLhistory to, for the same franchise: – Start a combined 20 seasons – Both win NFLchampionships – Both win Associated Press NFLMVP awards Together, the all-time leader in passer rating (Rodgers)and the all-time leader in completions, yards and touchdown passes (Favre)have been astounding in their productivity. They’ve combined for 7,129 completions in 11,419 attempts (62.4% completions), 83,316 yards, 613 touchdowns and 332 interceptions in Packers uniforms. That equates to a 92.1 passer rating over the last 21 years. Seven quarterbacks have shared the main role as primary starting signalcallers over a span of 10 years, each winning championships. Besides Favre and Rodgers, they include: – Joe Montana and Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers (1981-98) – Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler, New York Giants (1984-93) – Ken Stabler andJim Plunkett, Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (1973-86) – Joe Theismann and Doug Williams, Washington Redskins(1978-88) – Johnny Unitas and Earl Morrall, BaltimoreColts (1956-71) – Bob Waterfield andNorm Van Brocklin, Cleveland/LosAngeles Rams (1945-57) (Note:In this story, check it out we count Unitas andMorrall each as winning championships, givingMorrall credit for playing more of the Colts’ victory in Super Bowl V.) However, only Favre/Rodgers, Montana/Young and Unitas/Morrall each won MVPawards in that same span of time, and Favre/Rodgers outlasted the other two combos as the only to surpass two decades.

Packers’ Favre, Rodgers rank as longest-dominating QB duo in NFL history

One of the top Google YouTube searches of his name will show an impressive video of Miller benching the standard 225 pounds a whopping 37 times at his pro day. The video, with over 151,000 views, shows him cranking out the reps steadily. “It was all right,” Miller said, grinning. “I remember the day very vividly. I trained very hard for that day. I put up pretty good numbers. That alone boosted my confidence.” But it didn’t solidify his future. He knows a weight room warrior doesn’t guarantee anything on a football field. After hearing so many conflicting reports that he would be drafted, that he wouldn’t Miller kept pushing to catch up with his peers. “There was still a process that I had to go through,” Miller said. “I learned not to expect certain things.” He wasn’t drafted but the Chicago Bears put him on their practice squad for almost the entire 2011 season.


Packers great Dave Robinson blames coaches for head-hunting

Green Bay Packers training camp preview

Robinson says his legendary coach, Vince Lombardi, didn’t tolerate head-hunting. “He was very strict about dirty play,” Robinson, who played for Lombardi from 1963-67, told USA TODAY Sports. “He would never have stood for helmet-to-helmet contact, he just wouldn’t have.” Robinson, known as one of the game’s quickest linebackers and surest tacklers, played in an era when facemasks weren’t universally worn and grabbing the ones that were used was legal. It’s a faster game now, played by bigger men, with more violent collisions, but the three-time first-team All-NFL selection blames a lot of the danger on poor coaching at the NFL level. FELLOW INDUCTEE: Parcells’ biggest regret “There are no more Vince Lombardis, there are no more Paul Browns, there are no more George Halases,” Robinson said. “They were all the guys who worked at it for years and years and really understood the profession. (NFL coaches today) have never been taught the correct way to tackle. If they’ve never been taught, how in the heck can you expect them to teach it?” Robinson’s plan to solve the problem starts [link] at the bottom of the chain: youth football. The former linebacker attributes his tackling ability to a film he watched in high school that was made by College Football Hall of Fame coach Darrell Royal, the University of Texas’ coach at the time.


Perry, of course, had one sack in that game and lost another due to penalty. But what caught Greene’s eye was an effort in pass defense against Colts receiver Reggie Wayne . “He carried Reggie Wayne vertical up the field in a Cover 2 concept and it was as good as I can coach it,” Greene said. “He carries an All-Pro vertical up the seam in a hip-trail position. That tells me: You know what, he can do everything coverage-wise. He progressed during his time last year as a player.” Proficiency in pass coverage will keep Perry on the field in 2013. But his pass rush and speed on the edge are why the Packers drafted him last season and how he can best help them address the issues that surfaced in the playoffs. Greene sees them as all part of a larger picture. “This position takes a little time to settle into,” he said.

ChatWrap: Veterans who leave the Packers

But his unit was steamrolled by the 49ers for 579 total yards in the divisional playoffs, so Capers ability to get the most out of his group has come into question. Hell remain a 3-4 practitioner who plays 60 to 70 percent in nickel and relies more on five-man pressures than all-out blitzes. DEFENSIVE LINE Thompson has been rebuilding this unit. He added second-round picks Mike Neal and Jerel Worthy Defensive line in the 2011 and 2012 drafts, respectively, and Mike Daniels in the fourth round last year. Now comes first-round pick Datone Jones, a lean but powerful end who might wind up playing every position up front. B.J. Raji is a workhorse, but he sometimes gets caught in the middle of being a penetrating tackle and a two-gapping nose tackle. He needs to be more disciplined when taking his shots. Veteran end Ryan Pickett is a remarkable player and seems to get better with age. Hes usually immovable in the run game and good at staying on his feet. As long as Pickett keeps his weight from blowing up, he should be able to contribute 35 good snaps per game.

Packers awaiting big things from Nick Perry

Kevin Seifert (2:02 PM) Ha. Was talking about this the other day with someone. The Packers have been so good at developing young talent that their castoffs are more than worth sifting through. When the Packers release someone or let them leave via free agency, it doesn’t mean they can’t play anymore. It just means the Packers have younger and/or cheaper players they want to use instead. Mike (Wisconsin) Referring to my earlier comment, Thompson had [Aaron] Rodgers and [Mason] Crosby to replace [Brett] Favre and [Ryan] Longwell. They’re still trying to find a guard to replace [Mike] Wahle/[Marco] Rivera and a pass rushing 3 down DE like [Cullen] Jenkins. Nick Collins also effectively replaced [Darren] Sharper who also had a few good years left. The career ending injury was more of a fluke thing but you can’t deny Packers had Collins to replace Sharper. Kevin Seifert (2:26 PM) There’s a difference between having good players to replace departed veterans, which the Packers did, and letting players go when you judge their careers to be done, which the Packers did not. They have released players who still have some tread on the tires.


Analysts bet high on Packers’ future

Packers lock up Matthews with new contract


(AP Photo/Mike Roemer) Get Sports Newsletters: Subscribe Follow: NFL , Clay Matthews , Clay Matthews Packers , Green Bay Packers , Clay Matthews Cameras Locker Room , Clay Matthews Locker Room Cameras , Green Bay Packers , Sports News Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews is “not a fan” of television cameras in NFL locker rooms. Referring to the locker room as “our one sanctuary,” the four-time Pro Bowler told USA Today Sports that installing TV cameras is an invasion of the players’ privacy. “You think ‘cameras in the locker room’ and what does that conjure up images of? It’s a privacy issue,” Matthews told USA Today Sports . “I know they’re trying to give the fans more of an experience, but what more can you do? We do interviews on the sideline, there’s social media. You can’t leave the parking lot without people swarming your cars.” In April, NFL executive V.P. Eric Grubman announced that all teams will be required to install TV cameras in their locker rooms. Per adage.com, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the footage will only be of the home team and will be from pregame and halftime.

2013 Fantasy Football IDP Sleeper: OLB Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews

. which is understandable from a business standpoint, so I don’t hold nothing against them,” Bishop said. Bishop signed a one-year contract with the Vikings after being cut by the Packers. Bishop said part of the reason he signed with the Vikings was the opportunity to play two games a season against Rodgers. “And if I can get a chance to play Aaron Rodgers Jersey against Aaron Rodgers, I think that right there, in itself, is a motivation,” Bishop said. “You know, you want to play against the best. “When I was playing for Green Bay, the games [link] I cherished . . . most was playing against the Vikings because I had a chance to play against Adrian Peterson,” Bishop said.

Ross has natural return ability, but he had two turnovers in clutch situations and needs to prove he’s reliable. Ross could wind up handling kick and punts. Cobb probably won’t be used. Kicker Mason Crosby was last in the NFL with a field-goal percentage of 63.6 percent. Green Bay brought in competition in Giorgio Tavecchio , an undrafted free agent who was in San Francisco’s camp in 2012. Because of his contract, Crosby will get every opportunity to get back to the kicker he was before a horrible 2012 season. Tim Masthay is a first-rate punter, and Brett Goode returns as the long snapper. GRADE: C- NEXT: Bottom line Next Aaron Rodgers (AP) As long as Rodgers is around and Thompson keeps hitting on receivers, Green Bay is a Super Bowl contender, but 2013 needs to be the year of the defense. Without a revival on that side of the ball, the Packers are bound for another playoff disappointment.

Training camp preview: Packers’ fresh faces key to Super Bowl bid

The person requested anonymity because neither the Packers nor Matthews has announced the terms. The contract makes Matthews the NFL’s highest-paid linebacker, with a five-year deal worth more than $13 million per season, eclipsing the six-year deal DeMarcus Ware signed with the Dallas Cowboys in 2009 that averages $13 million per year. Matthews was scheduled to earn $3.73 million in base salary this year from a base salary of a $1.492 million that rose based on escalators in his contract. Matthews, a first-round draft pick in 2009, is the only player in franchise history to be named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first four seasons in the league. He has notched 42.5 career sacks. “Clay has been a productive member of our team and we are pleased to be able to come to an agreement that will extend his Packers career,” general manager Ted Thompson said in a statement . Matthews, who totaled 13 sacks in just 12 games last season, is the first of three key players the Packers hope to secure with long-term contracts. MOCK DRAFT: Packers to pluck wideout with first pick? Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is expected to get a deal this offseason the makes him the highest player in the league. Defensive tackle B.J. Raji may also get a long-term offer.

He was one of the most promising defensive options and was flying up keeper lists. However, he has slipped drastically in 2013 rankings and has even been ranked behind linebackers such as Curtis Lofton and Derrick Johnson this off-season. Matthews started his 2012 season off by recording a ridiculous six sacks through his first two games. However, he followed it up by recording just three sacks in his next seven contests (Week 3 Week 15). Matthews disappeared in the middle of the season and left several fantasy owners scrambling down the stretch to find a reliable fantasy linebacker. Matthews still finished the year with a respectable 13 sacks, though, but many were expecting more from the former USC standout. The outside linebacker even recorded a career-low 43 tackles last season, which was seemingly an exclamation point on his medicare season. Including the playoffs, Matthews racked up seven sacks and 21 tackles in the teams last five games. He got over his mid-season slump and proved to be utterly unblockable down the stretch for the Cheeseheads. It may have proven to be too little too late for 2013 IDP owners, but it is certainly promising looking ahead to 2014.


Former UTC quarterback B.J. Coleman has shot at Packers’ backup job

“I think training camp’s going to be a lot of fun this year,” the 6-foot-3, 228-pounder said following a round of golf Monday at Bear Trace at Harrison Bay. In three seasons at UTC, Coleman threw a record 52 touchdown passes, and his 6,871 passing yards are second all-time with the Mocs. In 2012, the Packers drafted Coleman in the seventh round. Coleman arrived in Green Bay last spring wide-eyed, raw by NFL standards and eager to learn. From organized team activities last spring to minicamps to training camp to last season, all the way to OTAs and minicamp this spring, Coleman got a crash course in NFL quarterbacking, both on and off the field. “[Graduate school is] a great way to put it — yes. We’re still in school. It’s kind of one of those deals where you’re always learning,” he said. “Last year was a hit-the-ground-running kind of thing.

He moves with more sense of urgency and purpose. His eyes are different. His gaze is different. I can just look at his face and look at in his eyes and know he’s not happy with what transpired last year and he’s determined not to let that happen again this year.” Perry played only 198 snaps in six games before his injuries, a modest average of about 33 (or roughly half) per game. But Visit Website in looking back to that relatively short stint, Greene said he felt confident Perry had made progress — most notably in the unfamiliar realm of pass coverage. Greene pointed to the Week 5 game against the Indianapolis Colts as evidence. Perry, of course, had one sack in that game and lost another due to penalty. But what caught Greene’s eye was an effort in pass defense against Colts receiver Reggie Wayne . “He carried Reggie Wayne vertical up the field in a Cover 2 concept and it was as good as I can coach it,” Greene said. “He carries an All-Pro vertical up the seam in a hip-trail position. That tells me: You know what, he can do everything coverage-wise.

Green Bay Packers: Mason Crosby’s rival Giorgio Tavecchio trusts in himself

Tavecchio felt awful for his teammates, for his coaches. His input on the game is minute. Tavecchio half-joked that he’s the one who always trots onto the field in a neatly tucked, clean uniform. That day, he had one job and failed. His career as a kicker could have decomposed. “That Oregon field goal could have been the nail in my coffin and I never play football again,” Tavecchio said. “Instead, I tried to pray and said, ‘You know what? This is a chance to grow.'” The hateful messages didn’t bother him. Instead, Tavecchio prayed for those who clicked “send.” Such a concerted effort comes “from such a place of darkness and anger,” the kicker said, that he actually felt bad for the trolls.


Packers’ Rodgers among top 10 in NFL

But a higher ceiling, too. “Is it better to coach a middling SEC program than to coach a perennial contender for the Rose Bowl?” Conn writes. “Bielema won’t get too deep into this discussion, because he won’t define Arkansas as ‘middling,’ but he does say that coaching in Fayetteville, even with the program’s limitations, brings him closer to a national title than he would have been at Wisconsin. It’s tough to argue either way on that point most years, an undefeated Wisconsin team would play for the title, as would an SEC championship-winning Arkansas team, even with a loss. And sure, Arkansas has to deal with Alabama and LSU, but now that Urban Meyer is rolling at Ohio State, Wisconsin will have a similarly formidable conference rival.” Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long had Bielema sign a letter of acceptance when they were on the plane to Madison where Bielema was to tell his UW team he was leaving the program. “Bielema … admits he might have changed his mind and declined the Arkansas job after seeing his Wisconsin team in person,” Conn reports. In his speech to his UW players, Conn writes, Bielema “pointed to a door at the front of the room and a door at the back of the room. ‘It’s your choice,’ he said. ‘Anyone who’s mad and who wants to walk out the back door, that’s OK.

Green Bay Packers: Resilient Gilbert Pena thankful for NFL chance

He skipped college and got a job washing dishes at a senior living center. He moved up external link to prep cook. He did that for two years before he worked for a heating and plumbing supply warehouse for another two. The medication would make her weight fluctuate and she would feel weak. Pena was there as a provider and there for her emotionally. “I watched her work three jobs just to support me and my two sisters,” said Pena. “In my heart that was the best thing for me to do, the right thing to do. The least I could do.” For fun, he would play pickup basketball. A friend encouraged him to consider junior college even though he had been out of football for four years and hadn’t been working out.


Packers’ Rodgers among top 10 in NFL

People Lined Up for Packers Family Night Tickets Because of Course

Packers fans lined up for Family Night tickets

And sure, Arkansas has to deal with Alabama and LSU, but now that Urban Meyer is rolling Clay Matthews Jersey at Ohio State, Wisconsin will have a similarly formidable conference rival.” Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long had Bielema sign a letter of acceptance when they were on the plane to Madison where Bielema was to tell his UW team he was leaving the program. “Bielema … admits he might have changed his mind and declined the Arkansas job after seeing his Wisconsin team in person,” Conn reports. In his speech to his UW players, Conn writes, Bielema “pointed to a door at the front of the room and a door at the back of the room. ‘It’s your choice,’ he said. ‘Anyone who’s mad and who wants to walk out the back door, that’s OK. I’m gonna walk out the front door, and I’ll wait there for anyone who wants to say goodbye.’ Out of 120 players, Bielema says, 115 walked through the front door.” Huff retires as broadcaster After 38 years as an analyst on Washington Redskins radio broadcasts, Sam Huff is retiring from that role. A former Giants and Redskins linebacker in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Huff is 78. Last season Huff had cut back on his duties, handling home games and two road games. A report at profootballtalk.com said Huff has called 770 Redskins game broadcasts.

(Photo: Dave Martin, AP) Desmond Bishop’s search for a new team is over. The inside linebacker agreed to a one-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings on Monday, a week after he was released by the Green Bay Packers. Bishop’s agent, Blake Baratz, confirmed the signing via Twitter on Monday. “(Great) player but a better person,” Baratz wrote. “Bizarre week to say the least, but great addition (for) all.” Bishop was a starter for the Packers in 2010, when Green Bay won the Super Bowl, and 2011, but missed all of last season with a hamstring injury. He was released June 17 when he and the Packers could not agree on a restructured contract to reduce his scheduled salary of $3.464 million. Now he will get a chance to start for a a former NFC North division rival, where he is expected to compete with Erin Henderson. Bishop also visited the Kansas City Chiefs and had interest from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bishop wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday about needing to make a decision on his future. “Decisions decisions!!! (Tough) spot, but great position to be in because I have options.

Former Packers LB Desmond Bishop stays in NFC North


Other fans are not in that place though. In fact, some people started lining up at Lambeau Field at 5 a.m. on Monday morning to purchase their tickets to Family Night, the annual scrimmage between the Green Bay Packers and the Green Bay Packers. Of course. Now, were not knocking anyone for going to Family Night. Most of the people who were lined up to purchase the $10 tickets seemed to be people who thought they couldnt get into Lambeau at any other time during the year. Maybe they dont know how to use eBay or Craigslist, but whatever. Or maybe they just like the fireworks that are blasted off after the scrimmage. Fireworks, yo!